Basic Moves

pa'l medio

P'al medio position. Together the couples lean outside the circle while tapping their inside toes on beat 1 and then inside the circle on beat 5 while taping their outside toes.


Using pa'l medio position the couples are "walking" counter clockwise around the circle. The Leader is going forward and Follower is going backward.


The same as above only the couples are moving clockwise around the circle. The Leader is moving backward and the Follower is moving forward.

un tarro
(hombres, mujeres)

While doing caminamos pa'arriba the Leader moves ahead on the inside of the circle to the next Follower while everyone continues to move in the same direction. While doing caminamos pa'abajo the Follower advances to the next Leader moving around the outside of the circle.

dos tarros

The same as the previous move except the Leader or Follower advance two places instead of one.


From the guapea position the Leader does a Right into the circle under their own RA then returns to the Follower.


From the guapea position the Follower does a Right into the circle under their own RA then returns to the Leader.

dile que no (dqn)

Begin in pa'l medio positon. The Leader steps with their LF into the circle slightly towards the F on 1. The Follower steps back at the same time with the RF. The Leader leads the Follower with the RH behind the waist. In a full turn to the Left crossing in front of the Leader, The Follower should end up on the Left side of the L.


Parallel hands, Leader on the Left side of the F, couples are facing each other. On beat 1 both Leader and Follower release the inside hands and step outside of the circle. Simutaneously, the Leader leads the F's Right Hand in a swinging motion toward the outside of the circle. On 2,3 & 4 both Leader and Follower step back onto the circle line and on beat 5 they both step toward each other and meet the palms of the hands.


This literally means sound. Basically everyone stamps their inside feet on beat 5 into the center of the circle and holds for 2 counts.

con bulla

Suena done w/ a shout.

dame (una, dos, …)

Dame is when the Leader advances to the Follower to the Rt. Both Leader and Follower use the footwork for dqn.


From guapea the Leader steps back on 1 and leads the Follower w/Left Hand in a 1/2 LT crossing in front of Leader. On 5,6, 7 the Follower stays in place while the Leader passes in front to the next Follower.

de enchufla
(con vuelta)

Three enchuflas in a row. On beat 1 of each cycle as you begin the dqn you clap. First time you clap once, the second time clap twice, and the third time you clap three times.

dame una
con una…
(dos con dos)

The same as dame except there is a clap on beat 6 right before the dqn. The first number tells the Leader how many F's over and. the second number refers to the number of claps.

la flor

Begin w enchufla pa'l medio con dos. L's begin on beat 1 by bringing the arms toward the ground and then raising them up over and behind the head like a blossoming flower as they back out of the circle. On 5,6,7 when the followers are in the circle they begin the same motion.

pasala con
los manos

All facing the center of the circle, L's and F’s were alternating places as in la flor but holding hands. After the call the L's go into the circle on 1,2,3 and on 5,6,7 as the L's back out of the circle they lead the F, who is on the Rt. in a LT crossing in front to the other side.

dame con

After quapea L's and F's drop hands and on beat 1. Both step into the circle back to back. Leader use LF and F's use RF. On 2,3 both step back on the circle line. On 5,6,7 both do a pivot turn towards each other. Follower (RPT) and Leader (LPT).

 Ni pa ti,
ni pa mi

Face Center begin clapping sequence on 7, clap on 1 with “new” partner (like high 5)
Clap with self on 3 then original partner on 5. Repeat until dile que no is called.

uno y cinco

Enchufla the stamp and clap on the 1 and the 5 before picking up next follower


Just like enchufla except instead of directly moving on the next person the Leader leads the Follower back under their Leader arm on 5,6,7. From there do regular enchufla.

enchufla p'al
medio con dos

Begin like enchufla. On 5,6,7 the Leader begins to pass in front of the F. The Leader lets go of the follower’s hand and on beat 1 claps 2X into the circle while traveling to the Right side of the Follower. On beat 1 the leaders are stepping into the circle w/ the LF and the Follower's are stepping back on their RF. When the F's enter the circle on beat 1 they also clap twice. After that everyone continues to go in and out of the circle, Leader’s and Follower's alternating places until the next call.

sin manos

con palmados

Like enchufla doble, continue with back breaks adding a clapping sequence beginning with 1 clap with each back break up to 3 claps. Leader then continues on to the next follower as in an enchufla.

con sopresa

Regular dame. Then the Follower leads the Leader on 1,2,3 in a cross body lead. On 5,6,7 Leader finishes with the cross body lead.


After guapea the Leader hold hands (L to R) and turns with the Follower to the Rt. After the Leader goes all the way around with the Follower the Leader goes underneath their own Leader arm. Dame.

con la Hermana

Begin with Adios, but do not go to the next Follower. Cut under arm toward center of the circle; then face F on 5,6,7.  Give the F an Enchufla perpendicular to the circle line. End in DQN